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Temperature Recorder


Temperature Indicating Label/Strip (VPL Label)


A simple, cost effective and accurate temperature measurement/record can be made using VPLs irreversible temperature indicating strips / labels (VPL-Label). These labels are also popularly known as temperature sensor labels, shelf adhesive temperature strips/ labels / decals etc. To monitor the surface temperature, the required temperature strip/label to be affixed on the surface of the object. Colour of the DOT/CIRCLE present on the strip changes from WHITE to RED colour (user defined end colours also available) once surface of the object attains to the rated temperature of the circle/dot.

Various types and combinations of temperature of Irreversible Temperature Labels are available from 40 Deg C to 220 Deg C. Tailor made temperature ranges and designs wil be made and as per customer requirements.


* +/- 1 % accuracy

*  Self Adhesive

*  Oil, water and steam resistant

*  Simple, reliable and cost effective

*  Shelf life one year


Numerous applications exist for temperature indicating labels. However, these strips are most commonly used to determine/monitor / record the temperature in

*  Dish washing

*  High Voltage Switching

*  Wave soldering

*  Overheat detection of Motor and Cable etc

*  Printing, Plastics, Electrical and Electronic industries

*  Casting, Moulding, Rubber Extruding

*  Cooling water radiator temperature

*  Aeronautical